Our Profile

Since its foundation in the year 1842, the SPEKON Company has specialized in the manufacture of textile products.
Our product range includes, for example, modern parachute systems – a field where we are now among the leading companies in the sector worldwide – and a steadily increasing number of textile products and fibre compound materials for a wide variety of areas of application.
Part of our company philosophy is to maintain our own in-house research and development department. This enables us to put new insights and innovative ideas into productive practice with only a short span of time between initial idea and final application.


Technologies / Research

At SPEKON we have a production chain equipped with state-of-the-art machines to produce and customize technical and conventional textiles. From design via individual customizing to final fitting and installation, we can offer everything on a one-stop-shop basis.
In addition, we are in the position to produce fibre compound materials via press, injection and vacuum fusion processes.

Products / Services on Offer

In the parachute area, we offer comprehensive solutions for military applications including the necessary additional equipment. Our rescue parachutes for gliders and sports parachutes for accurate landing skydivers are established products on the market in a large number of countries. More than 30 world championship titles have been won using sports parachutes produced by our Company.
In addition, we can supply transit protection systems, long-term storage systems, event roofing canopies and a wide variety of military products